Going out into the Deep

Last night just before my Sweetie went to bed I held him close for a moment to thank him for loving me through, walking with me, reminding me of God’s love and direction and to pray for that, to be open to where God is leading. This was one of those “I am always here for you” hugs. Or as one of my friends says, “When Teri hugs you, you know you’ve been hugged” hugs.

IMG_20180731_120428Several years ago I began praying Oceans by Hillsong as it is one of those prayers of deep Trust in God, the ones where our attachment to something needs to come in line with God’s will rather than our own. Then scrolling through a social media feed Bishop Baron posts this link to the readings of the day confirming this lining up of wills. Hang with me here friends it’s going to be a bit round and about with this post.

As I packed getting ready to leave Houston after attending Quilt Market I decided to put on some music, Oceans was the first song, I stopped to listen. When I first heard this song it played nearly every time I turned on the music, either on the laptop or the internet radio, it played when I started prayer time, it played often. In the voice God gave me I sang with it, with mind and heart praying that I would be open to where God leads. And over this last few years God has really shown me a lot. Things that I need to change personally where my connections are misordered, where my heart isn’t connected to Him, where I’ve made decisions based in fear rather than Trust, where I’ve started looking around me rather than focusing in on him.


Listening to both my Sweetie and my bestie I went to Spring Market, knowing I needed to be there. Again attending Fall Market for partly the same reason but also knowing that being there is essential. Showing up, and doing the work is essential to growth. Being open to where the path is leading, being willing to let go of what’s not working OR willing to take on something new that offers an opportunity for growth.

In the weeks leading up to Market I asked God for something very specific, but more importantly His will in all of this. To me this seemed something of a big Ask. The first time a direct answer to this prayer, let’s just say it stunned me. Then like filling up my cup with cool, living water the answer happened over and over again. My heart is full of gratitude for all of it. For the very difficult time over the winter, for the gift of what it continues to teach me. For the uncertainty, an opportunity to trust. For my Sweetie and friends who stayed with me all along. So when Oceans started playing I stopped to listen, to give thanks, and be present in this moment. I still have no idea where God is leading however there are some opportunities and some things to do between now and the end of the year.

Thank you all for your continued prayer. You mean so much to me.

God bless!

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