Go to the Source

The horizon is changing color quickly as the sun begins to rise. Our room here in Houston faces East making it possible for me to enjoy the beginning of the day. The color today begins with a red purple, into a kind of green yellow, into the end of the deep blue night sky. Moment by moment the color shifts, thin sketchy cloud lines emerging in the distance, deepening the purple. In just a few moments the sun will begin peeking up over the horizon making it too bright to stay here in front of the window, and yet, that is exactly what I’ll need to be doing. Oh how sunrises, and sunsets fill me with joy each different and unique.

cropped-1361.jpgJust as the sunrise, and sunsets fill my cup, so does going to the Source. The last few weeks have been a bit weird and I’ve not made it to daily Mass as often. I miss it, I miss Him. I miss the Source of my faith in a way that is creating a much-needed, and beautiful longing.

I’m in Houston over the weekend for Quilt Market. I can assure you there is a filling of my creative being. There is something about the vibrancy of the quilting world that is much like a tall, cool drink of water refreshing and nourishing. I am grateful to be here. It’s good to be here.

IMG_1056Going to the Source is always a good thing, or as close to the Source as possible. I was reminded of this yesterday in two separate conversations. Going to the source and asking the right questions will get us the answers that we need. It doesn’t matter if we like the answer, we will at least have the correct answer. Having the correct answer is better than receiving, hearing, and believing rumors.

gazanias 003

As happens I didn’t get to finish the blog post when I started writing it. I’m enjoying a good cup of coffee, and a simple, plain sunrise. It’s supposed to rain here today. But more, I’m enjoying an answer to prayer. My cup runs over with gratitude. Rejoice with me friends.

Happy Sunday,


for a bit of fun follow Pearl’s adventures at Quilt Market. And for some hilariousness follow Debby Brown Quilts. We’re having our own adventure.

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