Thank You

rocks-1Life Lines is a feature I read regularly in Catholic NY. I enjoy Mary Poust’s writing style, and as a woman I do appreciate her take on faith.

Saying “Thank you” for the hard stuff that happens in life, seeing these moments, these experiences as a blessing is something of a challenge. I’d certainly love everything to be peachy keen all the dang time. I’d love for it to be easy, like quilting. I’d love for the process of quilting to be easy. From the beginning easy, without fear and trepidation.

So, Thank You God for the hard stuff. The stuff that chips away at the attitudes, the things and the people I hold onto that cause so much heartache; the situations that bring up fear and pain, the things that cause me to trust more deeply in You. Thank you for the Blessings in Disguise.

Thank you for each opportunity to grow in love.

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I started a quilt top, using fabric from Quilt Markets past, the book possibility, and some that I just love. On the wall in front of my sewing table hangs a Crucifix. The other day, right in the midst of stitching, I stopped looked at the Cross, and said, “Thank You” in gratitude for the incredible joy, and flow of creativity experienced in the moment. I’m going back there shortly and will start this time of stitching with a moment of gratitude.

God bless,



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