Who from Scripture do I want to have dinner with?

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As the words start spilling from the heart to the page, a memory from several years ago keeps coming to mind. My Sweetie and I were on a ministry related trip with some of the guys we worked with, when we stopped for dinner. As a larger group (about 17) a few tables needed rearranging. As the hostess showed us to our seats one of the guys was told, “wait here.” He said, “okay.” I stepped in and said, “He’s with us.” Because he was indeed with us. Each one of us present a different skin tone, all flesh and all together.  I’m not calling this guy out at all, but going in a different direction completely.

As that memory surfaces, I keep thinking about the people I’d love to have dinner with, should the possibility exist. Mary Magdalene comes to mind. Then I thought about Rahab, the harlot. Martha, sister to Mary, who was chided for being anxious about getting dinner on the table, knowing she needed help. Okay I get that, but I’d still love to have dinner with her. Oh there are more.

Yeah, I know the company we keep.

img_20161209_120529But perhaps because I’ve been the company some haven’t wanted to keep because I grew up in low-income housing, or because I’m on the heavy side, or because I’m snarky (God gave me word skill, what am I supposed to do with them), or because I can be a bit awkward, oh heck, I’m owning that I’m awkward. And despite my sometimes gregariousness, particularly when teaching, I’m on the shy side.

There’s been company I’ve wanted to keep, and haven’t been accepted, because you know, the company we keep. Jesus ate with tax collectors, well known sinners, and some really arrogant people who thought their poop didn’t stink. What I’m reminded of with the guy we worked with is that he simply accepted that he had to wait, as though that is the place life meant for him. He sat at our table, and enjoyed dinner.

20170701_123238And there’s a quilter, or two I’d love to have dinner with. Because they’re just as awkward, and dorky as I am. There are a few quilters I’d love to have dinner with because they are “outsiders”. Oh there are a few quilters I’d love to have dinner with because they are the quilterati and I’d love to learn more from them.

This imperfect quilter knows she has a lot to learn, and grow, to be ever kinder, and she longs to eat with friends.

God bless,


2 thoughts on “Who from Scripture do I want to have dinner with?

  1. You’ve made me think…I’d love to have dinner with Queen Esther, Ruth and Mary Magdelene. I’d also love to sit down with you-we always seem to be ships passing in the night-and have a 3 large coffee mug lunch. We’ve come so far, haven’t we? To me, you ARE the quilterati, along with one or two others.
    Love ya, my friend!

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