Forty Days of Prayer for Quilters – Day 8

Breathing. Inhaling. Exhaling. Seeking. Finding. Drinking. Refreshing. Thinking. Wondering. Seeking. Listening. Hearing. Wandering. Reminder. Calling. Knowing. Feeling. Wondering. Pondering. Praying. Seeking. Asking. Wanting. Needing. Thanking. Thanking. Thanking. Over the last week or so while praying I hear the word "write", having no clear direction for where to go, what to write. This morning pen in … Continue reading Forty Days of Prayer for Quilters – Day 8

Creativity, Love, and Quilting

Sometimes things feel harder stone. Or they're dang hard making the relief afterward is so blessed that you begin to wonder what the ever lovin' heck was I waiting for. I got help that made a hard task less burdensome. Well this opened the door to Creativity. And Creativity opened the door to a … Continue reading Creativity, Love, and Quilting