Spring has sprung here in NY.

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Spring! Dogwoods are in full bloom

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Our dogwood is blooming, the hyacinths are about done, the hydrangeas and mountain laurel are starting to leaf out, the mocking birds and robins are nesting in the dogwood and arbor respectively. I’ve unintentionally witnessed sparrows mating by looking out the window at just the right moment.

I had the privilege of starting 23 days of a spring cleaning blog hop on my other blog, you can read that post: blog.

Friday (4/28) I threw open the windows all over the house. Groused a bit here and there because as a five foot tall woman reaching over a table, or through plants to reach windows is a pain. One I’ll take care of, the other not so much. After opening said windows I spent the better part of the afternoon starting The Great Spring Clean of 2017. The first part of which will show up on the blog Monday morning.

I have a great shelving unit in the studio, that holds a lot of fabric and other things important to the work of quilting. Its a hot mess though. I know what’s there and can get it fairly quickly, however it’s not pretty to look at. Spending the afternoon prettying it up was cathartic, allowing me to think about how the space is being used and how I can better arrange what’s in there for use in my work.

The table that the sewing machine is on will stay where it is. The cutting table will move for easier access. When that happens the unit that I have for thread storage will move underneath that, because it’s driving me crazy as it ends up right in front of my knees while I’m working. Well it doesn’t, I do and then I’m sitting in an awkward position. oh it’s going to be involved, and take time. It’ll really be fun when I get to paint. Everything will have to move.

There are things in the room that will move to another space in the house to give me a bit of a separation from work-work, and the creative-work. Thankfully these things are easily moved, while the “floor space” gained is negligible the head space is great. Moving the work-work things to where they belong will allow me to work in that space effectively.

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All this reminds me that sometimes I have to clean my spiritual houses as well. It’s time to work on tidying up mine. I know what I need and want to do and that is going to take a wee bit of effort on my part. I’m worth making the effort for this.

We have seam rippers, extra fabric, different battings, erasers, scissors, all tools to help us in our quilt making. Depending on our quilting style, we might use rotary cutters, template plastic, different types of rulers, patterns, or not patterns, thread of various weight and sizes, needles, sewing machines.

Over the last few days, as I’ve worked on tidying up my room through straightening out the fabric (there is a lot more on the list) there is a thought process is this keep, toss, give away?
What do I have in mind for this?
Does that even matter if I do or don’t?
I’ve never really cared if the fabric is in any particular order. I’ve tried sorting by batiks, and not batiks, silks, pretty stuff, yards and not yards. The important thing I’m finding, the underlying thing is that tidying up is giving me time to think without a lot of extra noise. I can see that finding things I love and being able to see them is important. I’m seeing how this self-care goes beyond writing in my journal, doodling, practicing quilting, designing quilts. Self-care embraces hope, and faith. It’s that going off to be alone and pray. Oh. Oh. Oh. There will be more on this in another post.

I’m off to think, pray, and dream. Oh and finishing designing and piecing a quilt for Market.

God bless,


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