Forty Days of Prayer for Quilters Day 20: Happy New Year!

First Sunday of Advent 2020. Happy New Year!

A few weeks ago a friend of ours was ordained an Auxiliary Bishop for the Archdiocese of Chicago. The Mass was incredibly beautiful and while I would have much preferred to be there this video worked out well. One of my favorite parts was the Recessional out of the Church with Bishop Lombardo waving to his friends who were able to attend, it’s so him. Very much part of the people and genuinely excited that each one could share this moment with him. We have long prayed with and for Fr. Bob, and continue to do so each and every day as we know he needs this all the more. This is part of keeping watch, praying for our Shepherds

If you know me at all you know I think a lot. Sometimes this thinking isn’t good as it can lead me to thinking some pretty awful things about myself and about people. This thinking though can also lead me to some really cool places. I’m currently working on a small series of quilts that will be published sometime next year that all came out of the word idea of “camp”. And I can think of another connotation that would have been as fun but a bit harder to create.

This thinking too can lead to good things. It can lead to the quilt ideas. It can show me that I’m trying to retrace my steps and go back to a place, to be accepted by the ones who didn’t accept me back in the day, or to quilt the same things I did a while ago. This week I have 3 projects to work on including filming for a big project. One of the things I’ve struggled with over the years is going back and redoing a quilt I’ve made before. With this I’m not so much as redoing the quilt as I am going to start with the “bones” or structure of that quilt, a different bit of fabric, a wildly different backing and have at the quilting. What I’m teaching is the process of incorporating different things into the quilt. Keeping watch over my thoughts and actions is essential to growth as a complete human being: body & soul.

Sometimes I miss the opportunities to see how God is working. I admitted to a friend of mine that I’m fearful of doing something I need to do. Our conversation had “Here’s Your Reminder” written all though it, both in my admission and my friends encouragement. Which was precisely not what I expected however was oddly comforting. It is a simple shift in thinking, and in the realization that I’m not alone in this fear. I’m not alone in the fear of screwing things up. I’m having beginner fear. I know that fear. I’ve walked through that fear. And so I’m picking myself up, and with the encouragement of my friend I’m going to go do what I do. If the first bit is awful, it’s awful. And it’s okay, it’s the first bit.

While continuing the writing process for today I realized that my Faith Word of the Year is “Watch.” This is a “look for God’s promptings, and consolations, and opportunities to say ‘Yes’, and a “be spiritually ready” and “observe” connotations. And more that I’ll discover over the year. Watch is a good companion to my 2021 Word of the Year for everyday living which I’ll share over on TerifiCreations (I’ll post later today.)

Do you have a Faith Word of the Year? How do you go about living that out?

God bless,


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