A song in the head is worth

Waking up with a song in my head is something of a frequent occurrence that often leads to a faith in quilting connection. It’s been a little while since this is happened and the connection is a little elusive. I woke up with the refrain of the song: “We Exalt Your Name” by Kari Jobe with Matt Maher

that continued to loop for a while.

In looking at the lyrics

Your presence fills and satisfies
Tear’s down the walls we hide behind
Oh God of every aching heart
We long for you in light and dark

We exalt Your name
High above the heavens
We exalt Your name
All of Creation sings praise

Often when I walk into my sewing room I pause and thank God for quilting, for the opportunity to participate in that which is recognized on earth as being creative, for the moments of beauty, and the moments that have taught me things. Sometimes this is easy, the words flowing from my lips like honey from a beehive. Other days it’s like finding the needle in the haystack, do able but…


Quilting, particularly when a quilt will be public, has a way of exposing our souls in a way that is uncomfortable. On occasion I write “Quilts With Character” posts on TerifiCreations, sharing something on a quilt that give it character and depth though drives me absolutely nuts as it’s not what I wanted to happen in that space. It didn’t fit my vision. Well then what happens is the conversation wherein I’m not so kind to myself and want to sell everything in my quilting studio. I don’t do it, sell everything in my quilting studio, though the thought though has it’s appeal. Can you imagine starting over? That’s be so very cool.

The cool thing about exalting God’s name through the quilting is the sense of joy that comes from doing my/our best. Even if my best doesn’t compare to someone else’s best. That happens a lot. I quilt for joy, rather than to compare my work with anyone else’s. it’s why I write blog posts, and articles, because I love what I do. Even in the frustrating, difficult moments.


Part of growth in faith and in quilting is developing a deeper relationship with both God, and ourselves. We can become more comfortable with our self as we discover more about quilting, and we can discover more about our quilting style as we discover more of who we are in God. Once upon a time the thought of intense, thread playing a huge part in the design made my eyes go all big, my face would contort giving the distinct impression the notion of this would be nothing short of foolish. HA! Fooled me as the machine hums along while my brain, and hands work in unison to stitch out the scary stuff in my head.

dance bang head 1975

And that scary stuff in my head faith wise, is often held at bay when I remember that being grateful in this moment quells the fear. That God is leading even when I’m not paying attention. That this journey, like quilting is a gift. This gift needs a bit of attention right now writing a handout for Saturday, finishing a sample, gathering quilts and turning things over.

God bless,



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