One of my favorite priests has a saying,

“we don’t need new teachings, we need reminders.” 

On TerifiCreations I have a Tutorials and Helpful Hints page, these are reminders for me and others for when things are going kaflooie! Reminders are things we’ve learned, or that others have learned that work, most of the time. When those reminders don’t work it’s time to exercise our creative spirit and find something new that works. This isn’t easy in the end though, that exercise leaves us better off than before.

When new people come along they see the reminders, and not necessarily the original teaching, making it harder to learn how to choose fabric, cut, piece, quilt, grow in faith, grow as a person, begin to see and experience the Grace of God in a way that is transformative.

Since the end of 2017 I’ve been working through three faith related books, all of which are serving as reminders. Reminding me to
cast all my cares on Jesus for his yoke is easy and burden light
be at peace, even in the midst of the storm
be still, praying for others, for the needs of others, and myself
be grateful, for in this moment there is grace
gratitude calms the storms raging around me (us)
that quilting, and faith are relational, and that relationship includes the one with me
that things can be made over, re-formed, and enjoyed once again
that things change, and this is good – most of the time
that difficulties come to an end

Oh these have been great reminders. The reminders are like sips of cool water on a hot day, or a mug of steaming coffee getting the morning started.

When I grabbed the link to the tutorials page I’m reminded that I have more experience with this now and can present this page better, so there will be some work on there.

I’ve been reminded that I’m a quilter, and a teacher, and there is work to do there. Like the work on presenting what I teach can be changed up, reformed.

I’ve been reminded that making better use of my time is an investment in me. Entering more deeply into God’s Creative spirit will remind, reform, and refresh this parched soul. So the seemingly small changes in the morning routine have already had an effect.

May we all be reminded of God’s love, our worth, the gift that we are to one another, the gift that quilting is in our life, the gift of a seam ripper, the gift of pruning, leading to new growth, the gift of a day and how things can turn around.

God bless!



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