This is Love

I listened to this song the other day and thought I’d share it here with you. I love Matt’s voice, I love that he shares this gift of singing with the world, expressing his love for and relationship with the Lord.

I’m teaching quilting locally on Saturday, we’re going to be making a color wheel, based on what we have, and what we love.

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Different motifs with each color, teeny bubbles, and spider webs and so many other motifs. Each one of these stitched out simply for the fun of it. Well, not so much fun the purpose is to teach but more the purpose is to show quilters that above all else quilting is fun, and freeing. That letting go, and simply quilting is delightful.

Sometime in the late 1990’s while working at a Catholic Charismatic Renewal weekend I had the opportunity to participate in a Life in the Spirit Seminar. At the end of it the group of us participating were prayed over for a fuller experience of the Holy Spirit. It was an incredible moment, giving over to prayer, breathing, being in the Spirit.

That same prayerful breathing in that moment is the same experience when I get really into quilting and I just let go, being so in that moment that there is little more to do than stitch. Oh it is no wonder that I’ve missed those moments. They go hand in hand, they are part of the same moment of prayer.


Prayer like quilting; quilting like prayer takes practice, practice, practice and sometimes sheer determination of will. There are moments when nothing, absolutely nothing seems to be happening. And yet, sticking with it means our progress, while slow, is happening in ways that will only time will reveal. And time both in prayer and in quilting is something that we are stingy with. We want results, and we want them right. this. minute. nano-second.

In a way, this is about slowing down. But more, it’s being present while praying, and quilting. It’s about investing time in two relationships that are ultimately worth it: the one with God, and the one with our self. And therein lies the gift, the joy of discovering the playfulness of a relationship with God, as we enter further into that relationship with God our relationship with our self, and our quilting (or other creative endeavor) takes shape, and is transformed.

God bless,


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