If the desert is holy; a quilt show is an oasis

I’ve been honest about living in the desert at times over the last few years. The desert is, as Jesus exemplifies, a holy place. It is a place where we are closest to God. A place where we are most vulnerable. A place of honesty, integrity. A place where through the dryness we are given the opportunity to drink deeply, and freely.

micro bubblesOver the weekend I had the privilege of being the Featured Speaker at the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show. I was offered this opportunity right in the middle of some very, very difficult moments: the store announcing their closing, having to let go of the long sought after book, and being so very tired from long days. This was a sip of cool, quenching water. It didn’t even matter to the group that I wouldn’t have the book out. Can I just tell you that made me cry with relief? Giving up one more thing would have broken my heart just that much more. I’d already had those gut-wrenching thoughts that I’d have to leave the quilting world.

This weekend was an oasis. Rest for this weary soul. There is something refreshing, and renewing in being with a group of quilters, entering into their lives for a moment, encouraging them to take the next steps in their quilting work that is renewing. I’m grateful. There is more to this gift, I was on the receiving end of words of encouragement from another industry pro. These words mean a lot.

dance hereThere is a deep beauty in a quilter who is vulnerable in a class. This vulnerability allows a deeper more intimate one-to-one sharing. As a quilter myself I want to get better at what I do, recognizing there is always something new to learn from others in the quilting community. This goes beyond what happens with needle and thread, it goes to being better in business, mentoring other quilters, and being kind to others and to my self. You see, in being kind to the quilters in class, in giving them permission to make mistakes, in offering the opportunity to play with thread, and try stitching on new batting, and stitching motifs, but more than that it is about trusting their gut, and making their wildest quilting dreams.

The oasis to refresh and renew has been great. Now I need to head back into the desert, and get some work done.

God bless!


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