Good Intentions or How I’m going to hell in a handbasket

Okay, that’s a bit drama-fill innit!

Sometimes an apology or an explanation isn’t good enough to mend. And while I know deep down we’re fine, my friend and I, ooh hold on it’ll all make sense.

Psalm 51

Have mercy on me, God, in accord with your merciful love;
in your abundant compassion blot out my transgressions


qbom done
Sharing faith, flaws and great beauty

You see, I teach people how to machine quilt, mostly women. As I write this I’m gathering everything needed for the classes and lectures this weekend. I’ve been looking for handouts – which were on other computers – and finding some, but not all of what I need. One handout that is needed I need to retype. Not a big deal, however not expected. So of course I’m here blogging because that’s what we do.

There are words, phrases, and ways I want to be in the classroom, that flow over into everyday life. “Confidence”, “permission”, “You got this”, “You’re a smart, intelligent woman and you can do this!” I’d like to use “You are a well-loved child of the Living God” this is implied, never said. I also use words like “practice”, “practice” and “practice”. You see both quilting and faith are all about practice. Sometimes I practice and get it right. Sometimes I practice and get it very wrong.

I practice machine quilting with intention – the intention of getting better at it. Of Mastering this technique that drives me, feeds my creative soul, and in some way brings great joy to others. I also practice my faith with intention – the intention of being closer to God, to becoming better as a human being – the intention of whether words are spoken or not – showing others how well they are loved, totally, completely, loved.

This is where the handbasket to hell comes in. Sometimes in trying to show this – the words come out all wrong. And the words did come out all wrong. So, so, wrong. I tried to recover but, yeah, I’m still not feeling it.

dance hereOne of my machine quilting teachers ended her class she said, “When you show what you did in class today show them what you did, don’t point out the flaws!” This is something I’ve tried to bring with me. We all know where we buried the bodies, we do. We stitched them.

I’ve also tried bringing that into everyday faith life. In speaking words of encouragement rather than telling people what to do, or think, or feel. And that’s where I screwed up yesterday. The words to one person were right, those same words to another were harsh and unnecessary. I kind of responded not really well.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

This is my personal reminder to think before I speak. To pray before I act. And to remember the Kindness of God.

God bless,



2 thoughts on “Good Intentions or How I’m going to hell in a handbasket

  1. LOVE this, Teri!! I recently told a friend, to whom I had to apologize for acting pretty UN-Christian, that I am a work in progress. Day by day. I mess up, I apologize, I get better at it. Practice, practice, practice, indeed!!

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