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I miss  listening to Faith in Culture Thursday on Busted Halo while driving home on. The Busted Halo crew, talk with listeners about where they see faith in music lyrics, television shows, books – that are not inherently faith based. These shows help merge those things in life which seem, on the surface, to live in opposition to each other. Yet, they are intertwined. What I enjoyed was hearing how the listener made the connection of faith in the song, book, tv show. Sometimes this left me thinking so much that I’d miss the rest of the show as I drove.

Everyday life, is all about faith, and faith is in the nooks and crannies of everyday life. God, as our Creator, often takes the opportunity to help us, encourage us, heal us, inspire, and oh so much more. So the other day when I read a blog post that touched me to the core, on a day when I received a, “no” that led to one of those places, that felt dark. It felt dark, perhaps as my head dropped, and I’m looking at shadows, rather than holding my head high and looking toward the light.

So this blog post, yeah I’m going to be a bit vague here, helped me to see a couple of things. It’s not easy to hold a mirror to ones self and look at thought processes, behaviors long learned and worn like old sneakers, are things to hold onto, or let go. There’s a distinct difference between examining behavior, and nitpicking things perceived as imperfections. Like my nose, there are days when I’d love to change it however it’s the nose God gave me and really it’s not a bad nose. There are memories of acne, and blackheads, and desperately trying to wriggle my nose like Samantha on Bewitched, still can’t do it.

So the coolest thing just happened, something of a confluence of things.
– a facebook live on marketing
– Caralyn posted Three Seconds
– a Faith in Culture type song popped into my head

Caralyn shared a mashup of Oceans, and You Make Me Brave that is well worth hearing, and listening to.

The facebook live on marketing, catching that and having time to listen was something of a fluke however, there’s such goodness there.

So yeah. God is speaking, and leading and I’m not quite sure where all of this is going. There are some ideas that need exploring.

The joy of the Lord is my strength.
Rejoice in the Lord always.
Be at Peace.

There is quilting to do. There are some changes to make in the quilting, what I’m doing. Because I love to quilt, and I love to share quilting and how faith and quilting come together to draw us closer to our Creator.

God bless!!


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