Of Parties and Food

IMG_1056There was a moment, a really beautiful moment where a group of us were working beautifully together. It took a few years for us to learn to work together and trust one another, but when it happened, oh it was beautiful. It was hard at moments as we had moments that were hard, things were misunderstood, others wanted something we could not or would not (for good reason) give. Day to day tasks were managed, arranged, rearranged, and done, or not done. If help was needed we knew that asking up til 11:59:35 was a possibility; at 12:00:00 we were rightly, held accountable.

When we had celebrations…we celebrated. We shared food, music, time, prayer, and food. For the staff these were long, long days, with preparation often starting weeks before the event(s). I can bring to mind barbecues, Masses, Thanksgiving, and Christmas celebrations. These were meals of a family working together.

Jesus first miracle is centered around a community event that includes a meal, a celebratory meal. Jesus goes so far, at his Mom’s insistence, brings the good wine to the party.

IMG_0406There are so many stories in the Gospels surrounding communal meals. Our Mass centers, re-presents the Last Supper. That last meal with the disciples, and we are right there, in this moment, in the Upper Room, with Jesus. We’re the disciples, participating in this meal with Jesus, and with one another.

When we’re newly born our meals are limited to some kind of milk – mothers milk, formula whatever because our digestive system is new, and we have no teeth. As we grow, and our teeth push their way through the gums we can begin eating other types of foods, slowly carefully building what our bodies can digest. As we begin eating we don’t think too much about it, the grown ups in our lives give us food they know we can eat. A little later we start developing our personal likes, and dislikes. As adults later on broadening our food horizons is amazing, and fun. Tasting, trying, enjoying growing our palate. Enter faith…sub in the word faith and we end up learning more about Jesus, what he would do, how he would respond, how he calls us to new life in him.


The same thing happens with our quilts and quilt making. It’s a lot like learning to eat, there is a process. Most of us as teachers like to start with something simple first as we’ve been the new quilter, and we remember learning. Like a parent feeding a child, with foods

changing over time as the kid can handle it. Believe me, as a teacher I know that you are smart, and intelligent, and if you’re moving faster through something I am going to do my level best to accommodate your learning process. I can’t always, but dammit I’m going to try.

In this moment, I’m going to savor the memories of those celebrations, I’m going to immerse myself more deeply in the Mass, and I’m going to cherish the opportunities that I have to teach.  I’m going to cherish the time at the machine discovering how to be a better quilter so I can share that with whomever will listen.

God bless,


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