Wasting time


day out with my sweetie 059Waiting offers the opportunity to think, and pray through things before going in a particular direction. Entering into the edit feature of this post, something stopped the writing. Delete! Just as there is no obligation to make every quilt that goes through my head, there is no obligation to publish every thought that fills my head.

A few days ago I took a long hard look at the inspiration wall in the sewing room, filled with index cards, with hints, stitch counts, and little drawings, and quotes. Each of these have meaning, and I put them there for a reason, a good one in that moment. In this moment, here and now, they are burdensome. If these are quilts that need to see the light of day the ideas will come again.

Opportunities to think and pray abound at the moment, that and do some personal quilting work. Sigh. Quilting. It’s good to connect with fabric, thread, and batting, to enter into that creative space, that zone where freedom exists, that place where true rest happens. That place where prayer lives, that place where I am All I Ever Have to Be…is the quilter God made me to be.

Occasionally there is an overwhelming sense that this moment in life is wasting time. It’s not. Like all the other moments it is an opportunity to grow, to develop, to work on things to pray and enjoy. It’s an opportunity to show up and develop my quilt making. It’s an opportunity to read a bit, write a lot and love much. This is my work in this moment. The next moment – who knows but I’m open, at least I want to be open. While I’ve been thinking that this time is wasted, it’s actually a great opportunity to reconnect with the faith and quilting, to read, and grow, to stitch and hone the skills God has given. To appreciate the connection to the work of human hands and the work of God through these hands.

I’m off to quilt, and write a few emails.

God bless,



One thought on “Wasting time

  1. Yep. . .agreed. . .it is good that we have all those thoughts and ideas in our heads. Who knows when and how they will transpire!

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