Noticing a Difference

2653Over the last week or so reading Cravings has been a little bit low on the priority list as the need to do some writing for the magazine, and make a quilt bubbled urgently to the surface.  Like the urgency of the work needing doing some memories, profound ones have bubbled up as well. As the memories bubbled up seeking attention, spending time with them seemed obvious. This time the spending of time was shared with a few close people, thus giving me the ability to see them differently.
Then last night I noticed two things happening over the last week or so. Rather than seeking comfort in food, or wine it’s there for nourishment and pleasure. Over the last few evenings I’ve enjoyed a glass of wine over several hours, as part of the meal and beyond that. What a gift.

I’m going to keep working through Cravings, taking this one step at a time. Later this week I’ll have time to read, and do a little writing. Me, a journal, and a fountain pen. .

God bless!



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