I’m at a loss for words, and the funny thing

is, it’s okay. – Mercy Me Word of God Speak

901Perhaps being at a loss for words is not so much a problem, as an opportunity to listen, be still, reconnect.

Enjoy the beauty

step back


let things speak

like the moon and NY City

like the patterns that need words

???????????????????????????????I woke up thinking about a conversation I had with my dad just a few days before I got married. This is one of those moments where the memory is so very present I can tell you where I was, how the sun shone through the windows bathing the room in glorious light, as I sat near the piano having this heart to heart with my dad. There was a long period of time that our home life was not good and that, as you may know or have experienced, can spill over affecting so much more than just home. Dad wished for me that he could have changed all of that. I remember telling him that these are the things that brought me to where I am, doing what I’m doing. He was certainly right about parts of the conversation and perhaps now it’s time to explore that.

In this moment I’m appreciative of the gift of the conversation in that moment, for the memory of that conversation and the quiet that brought it to mind.

May your day be filled with peace,


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