Imperfection Rocks!

the perfect berry crumble – Lisa Leonard

perfectionQuilty, political, faith words run though my head at this moment. Lisa’s honest post opened the gates for words to gather round with great joy seeking attention, letting me know they’re here.

Quilty words because so much I long for quilters to understand that “perfection is a lie”. Especially new quilters. PERFECTION is a lie.

political words because I will do my best to be friends with you even though our political ideals don’t align. I see the beauty in you, I see the pain in you, I love you for who you are. I see our common ground and want to meet you there.

Kelly Ann 001

Faith because I’m not perfect. I don’t even know what a perfect me would look like. I’m not sure that I’d even like that person.

Quilty/faith because I long for each quilter to know their value, that their quilts will improve over time, because their quilts are made with love, care, and concern. Because beauty is contained in the character.

My sweetie tells me that I’m the love of his life all the time. And the doubts that live between my ears telling me this can’t possibly be true. And yet, I know he loves me. All of me. Quirks. Flaws. Long hair. Short hair. Fat. Thin. In shape. Out of shape. Whatever.

He loves me, for me.

I love quilters for who they are, where they are, this is our common ground.

God bless,


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