The gift of knowing

Moon SetThere are words stuck in between the ears waiting to spill out from the brain to the keyboard. As I read a blog on perspective so many thoughts wanting to spill out onto the page.

Thoughts of a friend who is no longer part of the quilting world.

Thoughts of newly minted quilters who judge their work by comparison.

Thoughts of judging myself by comparison. And in my ears I hear a long time, well known quilter saying, “but are they?”

And perspective sets in. Perspective seeps in like a gentle rain into dry ground, giving the ground moisture in a slow, steady way so that the ground can absorb the water. As the ground absorbs the water plants, and trees can absorb the water.

Perspective is being kind to ourselves where we are, not judging our quilts by the work of other quilters. Perspective is not judging ourselves by the (quilting) journey of another person. Because, “are they?”

Perspective is realizing that some things are not exactly what they seem. That there is more to the story, more to the quilter, more to the quilt than what we may see on the surface.

Perspective is realizing that my journey in quilting brought me here to what I do now. It’s not where I thought I’d be but it’s a beautiful place and I’m honored to be here. Honored to know you. Honored to spend time with you.

Perspective allows this teacher, this quilter, this person to offer the wisdom of recognizing that we’re in different places and it’s good. We nurture each other along. Perspective helps to focus in other areas as well.

Perspective allows.

God bless,


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