I’m going to stop saying that

rainy days and mondays 003or “Well, I didn’t expect to get that out of it.” There is a life long, ingrained habit that it’s time to let go of, in order to do that new habits will need to be formed. The realization came from two separate conversations. Why these two conversations offered me the opportunity to see is beyond me when a conversation with my sweetie, sobbing and all, didn’t I’m not sure. It may be that in this moment as the journey through Cravings continues I’m much more open to hearing and making a change.

This is going to be a change that takes time, with experiences that set me right back to this place. In the long term though, it’ll be a good change.

For now I’m leaving this as it is, with deep gratitude for the conversations, for Mary de Turris Poust for writing, and for a heart that in this moment is open to change, eyes open to see, hands ready to work, and feet ready to travel. And friends ready to speak truth without knowing how deeply healing it is.

God bless!



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