Coronado’s Gold, Fountain of Youth and quilt fame

Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

As often happens there is a niggling at the edge of who I am, whispering in my ear, letting me in on a secret, or reminding me of some truth. It is generally a truth I already know and need a simple reminder. It’s like making 9 patches this is one of the things that we teach new quilters because in the grand scheme of things they are simple. We know they are simple, as we have the experience of making 9 patches. We’ve made dozens of them, in a variety of sizes and layouts as our skill grows. We even learn how to make them bloom, making the most of the prints and showing our developed understanding of color, and texture.

Over the last few weeks an older version of “Seek ye first” has ear wormed at the edge of my brain, whispering in my ear, reminding me of the simple truth that seeking God’s kingdom is essential in all I do. I’ve been longing to be more in the quilt world. This longing is, in and of itself, not a bad thing. However tonight, while listening to Lauren Daigle’s version of the song I realized that my priorities are slightly out of order. Yes this desire to be more in the quilting world is a gift from God, however he isn’t first in this.


It seems that chasing Coronado’s gold is the thing to do. I’m moving, but perhaps not in the right direction. I’m searching for something that doesn’t really exist. Chasing an ever changing, ever-fading mirage of what seems to be beautiful.

And like Dorothy the thing is right here in front of me. The quilting, the creativity, the gift of sharing. In the midst of writing this post I was texting with an old friend. And wow I was reminded that generosity and being there for other quilters (for others) means so much more to me than writing 10,000 articles, and competing at a high level. I love writing and competing, don’t get me wrong, given the time these things will happen. I’m simply examining who I am, what I’m doing, how to be more of the person God wants me to be. Using the gift of quilting, and complementary gifts together for the good of others.

In this will be some self-care. I’m not quite sure what that will look like exactly. But if the last few days of piecing have reminded me of one thing, piecing and quilting are very much part of me. My sweetie is right, there is a slow, painful death that comes from not practicing quilting.

Seeking first God’s Kingdom.

God bless!


4 thoughts on “Coronado’s Gold, Fountain of Youth and quilt fame

  1. Putting your faith oar in the water a little more are you?? It is hard to not “work” the total direction of your path. It is some of each. For me, the little detours of too much faith and too much work are lessons in my life journey. Sometimes, I haven’t “really” learned them so God gives me the opportunity to relearn multiple times. Life is good. . .no matter what! Hugs!

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