Peace Full – Piece Full

Can I just share something with you? Well, of course I can.

I’ve been wondering what to write. I’ve been wondering what to say. So here goes…August through now has been so very hard emotionally. Working in a shop that is closing is hard work. and emotionally draining. It’s like hundreds of mosquito bites all over. Bite. Itch. Bite. Itch. Bite. Itch. It feels as though there is no sense of relief.
So this afternoon I’m scrolling through facebook and see the above video. And I realize that part of what bubbles below the surface is fear. Fear of the unknown, what will I do next. Who am I? Is God calling me to be that quilting teacher? Will I ever make another quilt that I can enter into a quilt show? Will I ever…
And yet, over the last few days…in the weeks, and days leading up to Quilt Market I’ve experienced a deep sense of peace. My sweetie and I have been through this kind of moment before in life. It’s familiar territory. To have the words to adequately describe this sense of peace in this moment would be rather fulfilling in a writerly sort of way. Right here, right now. I am in the place God wants me to be. Waiting is a place. Resting is good.

So this sense of peace has flowed into piece-ing. See what I did there? When I got home Monday afternoon my sewing room was singing her siren song. I listened.

And I picked up some fabric and started stitching. I’m trying a new thread that I will talk about on TerifiCreations sometime in the next couple of weeks. I want to do some focused piecing.

I don’t know what I’ll do with these blocks exactly however I’m having a lot of fun.  And from the requests on facebook I’ll be doing a tutorial of some sort.What I’m experiencing though is JOY in quilt making. Something I knew was there and thought I’d lost. Yes dear ones I thought I’d lost that connection with the Creative, with the Creator. I know deep down I can never really lose that connection however there is a deep sense of loss that comes with not being able to piece and quilt.

And so I piece curvy blocks, with only the idea of what if I pick this, and what if I choose that in mind. I will see what happens in this place. I will be here and now, in this place. I will hold onto the sense of peace as I rest in this piecing place.

God bless!


3 thoughts on “Peace Full – Piece Full

  1. Very sweet message.
    My first college job (where I’d taught for 17 years), closed its community ed program in 2009. I’d been teaching for another college as well (which continues to this day), but I lost over half of my income.
    That summer I learned “not to work harder” — like a crazy woman — which was my M.O., but to rest in God’s loving arms. I found that He provided all I needed. (In fact, one day in contemplative prayer, He told me, “I know what you need.”!!!)
    His presence is peace. Wishing you peace and joy while you wait for your next step…

  2. My joy in quilting is elusive right now. I feel quite adrift and not sure where to catch hold. I also realized today that I used to write, and write well. These days I don’t feel like writing, even the blog posts that have become trite and uninteresting to me, and likely to everyone who reads them. In some regards I feel quite peaceful about it, because I know inspiration will return. And I’m spending a lot of physical and mental energy right now on rehabbing from knee injuries. I’m trying to find some comfort in discomfort … Not sure what I’m saying here except I can relate to your sense of exhaustion and unease, and I’m happy you’re finding a way to shift out of it.

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