Backwards in High Heels. I’m linking over the page where she explains why she chose the name. I’d heard the quote/story of Ginger Rogers doing everything everything Fred Astaire did, only backwards, and in high heels.

Every once in a while when I was a teenager I’d watch waltzing competitions on PBS. These competitions were elegant. In my minds eye images of the woman, in a flowy dress, in high heels; he’s in a suit that complements her dress. Both have great posture, heads  set to gaze into each others eyes, or off the shoulder. Her hand in his, his arm around her waist guiding and directing. As Rebecca mentions on that page she can’t see (I can’t see) where He’s headed, but as long as I’m in his arms I know I’m where I’m meant to be.

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In order to partner well in a dance a level of trust and confidence must be achieved. This level of trust and confidence develops over time as you dance with your partner. As human beings we often learn to dance by stepping on our parents feet and moving with them. We begin to get the feeling of movement. As “not the momma but occasionally the babysitter” I’ve done this with little people. It’s fun as the sheer delight that pours forth from their beings is contagious. They’re just dancing with one of their favorite people and we’re teaching them, in that moment to trust us.

Dancing with God seems so much more difficult. It feels like there is so much more at risk. We’re living life here and now and things can feel a bit out of control as we can’t quite see where we’re going. Sometimes I think I’m stepping on God’s feet, like a new dance partner; sometimes like a little kid who’s dancing with dad, laughing and carefree. Right now there is a sense of both…I’m awkwardly stepping on God’s toes as I trust Him in this complicated movement of the dance; and I’m the little kid just enjoying dancing with Dad.

With the store where I work closing there are a lot of conversations happening from, “where will I go and what will I do” to “where are you going and what are you going to do” to “why is the shop closing” and “why don’t you buy the store”. All of these are good questions. For me, I’m not sure yet, I don’t know. I don’t know where God is leading however I feel oddly peaceful about it. I say oddly because this is kind of scary. I know that I want to be teaching and speaking out in the big wide quilting world. I know that I want to write a book or two, I want to make quilts to compete with.I have a whole bunch of quilts to finish up, projects for the magazine to make, shoot and write patterns. I want this stuff. But more importantly I want to know where God wants me. The teaching, writing, making seems to be this great desire that God has placed in my heart I’m just not seeing yet how that is unfolding, if it is at all. I do know that in order for this to happen some other things need to be in place.

So for now, I’m going to put my high heels on, place my hands in His, gaze into God’s eyes and enjoy the music and the dance.

God bless,



One thought on “Waltzing

  1. Perfect. Trust the One leading me..the One I chose and Who chose me.
    It doesn’t matter if I am that carefree, happy child or that awkward, “worry-wart, trying too hard to look over my shoulder cuz I just gotta know the next step” partner in high heels…..it only matters that my partner is God.

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