Tidying Up with thanksgiving

sewing-room-tidy-upSeth Godin is on my must read list every morning. His is a business blog, however there often seems a spirituality behind his posts. There may not be, my understanding may be immersed in my own faith. This mornings blog spoke to my heart; then Seth’s Thanksgiving Reader well, I think reading it will make much more sense.

The photo to the left here is absolute crap. However it’s a crap photo at the end of a long day of tidying up my sewing studio so that the table that the sewing machine and laptop are on might assume it’s place in the aforementioned studio. The sixty inch table top has leaned against the wall at the bottom of the stairs for nearly two months waiting for the moment when time and willingness were present at the same time. That moment is the last couple of days and if my brain is any indication this will last through a good bit of the weekend as I get things into proper place so that I can function well in this space.
As I move things around I’m thinking about what to keep, what to pass on, how to store things well, making the most of the space that I have. For a city studio I have a lot of space, an entire room that I can dedicate to the passion, skill, and gift of quilting. I’m grateful for this space, it is mine to do with as I choose. Right now, in the midst of making hundreds 9 patches I stopped everything to tidy up. On the other side of the room (just to the left in this pic) it looks like a fabric monster that has thrown up – which will be best viewed in the “after” rather than the before. It’s always darkest before dawn, and it’s always messier before it’s clean.

Cleaning my sewing room is always something of a production as things get moved around here, there, and everywhere. Deciding how best to function with what I have is something of a challenge, akin to a game of Tetris.

cascading-spidery-mumsDuring these days there is something of a spiritual clean up going on as well. There are areas in my life where I can love more, be kinder, extend grace more. There are areas in my life where I can trust more, hope more, pray more. This list can go on all day. There are places in my life where I can be less as well, as I tidy these come to mind. In all I’m Thankful for this time of tidying up that is extended to me, for my spiritual and mental health.

I’m thankful for so much in my life. I’m thankful for Generation Q Magazine , the amazing people I get to work with. I’m thankful for my sweetie, oh am I ever grateful for his love, encouragement, support.

I’m thankful that you’re here with me on this faith-filled quilting journey. I’m thankful that the mess that I am doesn’t bother you. I’m thankful for faith, grace, mercy, and hope.

mum-single-closeddebby-handiquilter-teri-berninaI’m thankful for mums, and roses, and friends.


Happy Thanksgiving!

God bless!




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