Sometimes I hope

13908834_10154349701005960_7537953136452448769_oThat I’m really listening. The other night as I climbed into bed *short girl/tall bed* I remembered a scene from Touched by an Angel where Monica, was standing in the middle of the desert. I don’t remember why she needed to go there, in fact I’d say it really doesn’t matter. But what I remember her saying is that the desert is the place is where God is, a place of emptying, a place of recognizing how our actions promoted or subverted the Will of God. Monica left that place with a deeper experience of God’s love and could then own her own actions, and make whatever amends were necessary. This owning and taking action is the most loving and God-like thing we can do. Ever.

I woke up from a very vivid dream wherein two people apologized to me for something kind of big. I have to tell you that while I’d love for this to happen I don’t ever expect it. That said the dream put a smile in my heart because it was soothing, and somewhat healing because letting go of something that hurts is so freeing. So very freeing. It is that desert place where God is. It is that loving action. And it is in this moment that I am, with God’s grace, reminding myself that I am forgiving a few people for their actions. I will need to remind myself to let it go every now and again but in the end, the peace that it brings is such a good thing. And that peace flows, it’s the water that refreshes the soul.

I lived in the desert when I was little. I remember walking across the desert to go to school. There is a longing in my heart right now to return there, at least to visit. Spiritually and to some degree with work/quilting this feels like a desert place right now and quite honestly this is good. I am experiencing a deep peace and renewed hope. Oh this is sooooo good. So very good. Did I mention this is good.

In a little while I am going to my sewing room to quilt for a bit. I’ve had an idea for a quilt in honor of someone for a while and it’s time to do it. If I can manage to do the whole thing today I’ll be thrilled!!!

God bless,


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