autumn treeThe other day I read this post by Sean Kerr, redefining Knights, Princesses and speaking to a Truth that is overlooked in so many societies, and cultures, and people. A way back in Genesis in the creation stories, when God created Adam and Eve there is a built in, inherent equality. God created Eve from Adam’s rib, his side, near his heart, his core. Adam exclaims, “flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone!” Eve is clearly different however there is a same-ness that Adam sees and experiences.
In reading Genesis, woman isn’t less than man, she’s different. She brings something softer to the party. She brings the ability to carry life, which complements his ability to share in the life-giving experience. This isn’t simply about procreation. Each one has different gifts that simply must be shared. Their physical strength is different. Their emotional strength is different. Their perceptions are different. Their weaknesses are different. And yet, they belong together, sharing life together. He is not to dominate and she is not to be dominated. She is not to be submissive and he is not the master.
Let’s fast-forward to St. Paul’s oft misread/misunderstood writings on marriage, he is to love her as Christ loved the Church, it is a life-giving, soul giving, nurturing kind of love. It is sacrificial. It is more. Oh wait for the rephrase – we are to love one-another in a sacrificial kind of way. We are to see each others as equals.

Sean writes something incredibly beautiful, and truthful about princes, princesses, men, women, and the nature of our relationships, our strengths. And in reading, thinking, and contemplating over the last few days I’ve realized that I’ve been living this in my marriage. My husband looks for my strengths. He sees my beauty. He encourages, nurtures and tries to help me deepen these things. He sees me as his equal. And maybe, just maybe, I’m getting that. Finally. I am not less than. I will be the first to tell you that I appreciate his physical strength and his willingness to change tires, deal with all things vehicle (I can do these things, I’m just grateful he’s willing to take care of these things.) I’m grateful for his willingness to paint and so much more. Oh so much more. So. much. more.

The quilting world is so much the same. We complement one another. We are different from one another. We are unique. We bring different strengths to the party. We have different skills. I am seeing more and more that quilters are working hard towards building one another up, toward appreciating and encouraging the different skill set that different quilters bring to the party.

my tiaraWhat is somewhat painful, no what is painful, is the tearing down that I see. There’s a lot of it. Negative comments. There are friendships that start, blossom, and end because of misunderstanding and unexpressed and unreasonable expectation. There is a distinct lack of mercy and forgiveness. There are distinct divisions with some animosity attached. Rather than recognizing the beauty of the differences.

Let us, like men and women should, complement one another. Let us, as we are called, support, lift up, and encourage one another. Let us be princes and princesses that work side by side, fighting fires, making quilts for beauty, comfort, art, use on beds. Let us stop comparing ourselves to this quilter, or that artist. Let us strengthen one another, work alongside one another. Let us!

Each quilt that is made is important for a variety of reasons. If a quilt is made and it helps one person begin to experience their dignity as a well loved Child of God, I’m thrilled to no end. If that quilt, oh you know. You know where this is going. You know what quilting can do for quilters, you know make a difference.

Let us Quilt.

God bless,


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