A song just below the surface

For the last five days or so there’s been a song niggling at the edge of my consciousness. I can hear the melody but the words are not quite there. Part of this is irritating. I KNOW this song and yet it’s not quite there.

And then just now…and now I know why. It’s all about failure, and mercy, Justice, peace, becoming more of the person God wants us to be. It’s about Glorifying God.

My heart and my soul
I give you control
Consume me from the inside out

All the inside comes out. I’ve been keenly aware of this over the last few weeks. The inside always comes out. Sometimes that inside isn’t pleasant.

My soul cries out

My soul longs for something more, something deeper, something holier, particularly in the midst of moments of stress and frustration. My soul longs for something deeper. My soul longs to be patient and kind, to offer mercy. My self longs to be merciful.

I think about the dialogue in my head, you know the one, the one where I’m strong and kind and merciful and don’t put up with peoples crap. And I know that there is often a lack of kindness and mercy, I do put up with peoples crap – far too much. Sigh.

Life needs much more mercy.
Life needs much more kindness.
Life needs much more strength – that is tempered by mercy.

IMG_0406We are living in a year of Mercy. A year of grace. Mercy is a way of life.

It’s being willing to let go.
To be more patient. To be more forgiving.
It’s about learning to trust God more in spite of the whirling dervish of a wind blowing around.

There’s a quilt in there somewhere that will one day make an appearance. In the meantime there is one more artistic color-wheel on a background of my choice. The background might be something of the surprise….but that’s for another day.

God bless!


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