IMG_1056Love is. . . 

sleeping on the couch when I’m sick, so he doesn’t get it. Patient.

Love is. . .

encouraging quilters to just be the best they can be in this moment, right now. Kind.

Love is. . .

being genuinely happy for others in their successes. Gentle.

Love is. . .

letting go of how you think things should be and accepting things, letting go. Grateful

botanical gardens with Misty 139Love is. . .

the guy who makes dinner for me every. single. day. Caring.

Love is. . .

prep work for classes. Sharing.

Love is. . .

so much more than roses, tho they’re lovely
so much more than chocolate, tho it’s tasty
so much more than wine, tho it adds richness and depth
so much more

it’s simple
it’s complex
it’s not full of fear
it’s holding hands and walking together in challenging moments

Love is. . . Holy.

cutting fabric up into pieces and stitching it together to create something beautiful
using color, shading, seeing the potential (even in the odd, unusual, icky)

Happy St. Valentines Day

May this day be filled with love, quilting and great joy!

God bless!



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