Trust and Hope


IMG_0406My sweetie and I generally go to the 7 PM Mass on Sunday at one of the local parishes. We do our best to get to Church about 1/2 an hour early for some quiet time and prayer, to enter into the moment of the Mass, when Jesus becomes real and Present, where we receive Him in the form of Bread…food for the Journey.
I have something very specific I’m praying about for the last little bit of time, and I’m still reading the Ragamuffin Gospel. After finishing that prayer I opened the book and the chapter title is Trust. Wow. Talk about a specific and immediate answer. Trust. I’m going to trust that this will all work, that the answer will come. That the need will be met. Trust, like Faith is an action, an active response to the Love of God. I do ask you, my dear friends to pray with me in this request that I can Trust through this and that the prayer will be answered.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Trust and Hope

  1. You will get an answer. It will ultimately bless you and those around you. If the answer isn’t easy, I will pray for inner peace and wisdom. If it’s easy…I will woo hoo for ya

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