IMG_1055After months of slowly reading, savoring, I’ve finished reading The Ragamuffin Gospel. Brennan has a heart of littleness that the Saints have. A heart that clings to the gift of God’s infinite LoveGraceMercyCompassionPeace. A heart transformed, a heart understanding of the Gift of this love, understanding deeply and profoundly how living in this LoveGraceMercyCompassionPeace offers the person the opportunity to return again and again. As I started writing thoughts of St. Therese of Lisieux and Mother Teresa come to mind. They both thought of themselves less, not less of themselves. See what I did there. When we think less of ourselves we call God a liar. We claim we are not created in His image and likeness. We set His Love aside like some no longer valued trinket. We live in the middle of it and look everywhere for it as though it’s lost. When the truth is all of our experiences lead straight to the Heart of this Father that loves us infinitely.
In the telling of the Prodigal Son we get a clear vision and understanding of the Fatherhood of God, he waits to Hug us, to cry tears of welcome and relief that we are home, to wrap us up in a beautiful cloak to keep us warm and put the ring on our finger announcing to the world that this child is home and we are in relationship once again. The reality is that we were always in relationship with this loving Father, it’s we who are now acknowledging this love, deeply, profoundly.
IMG_1031In taking a moment to return home we are often surprised by the Welcome we receive. Because our human experience, our mind has been so tuned into listening to the lies of the evil one, that we begin to believe that God’s Love is no longer available to us. Jesus death on the Cross is that Sign of the Father’s Love for us that Tells the Truth. That tells us that we are LOVED. That tells us that the Father is waiting for us. It tells us of God’s compassion.
There are, without a doubt, moments of Mercy that are reminders of God’s Love. If I am looking I can see them. The Reminders are available, I need to LOOK to see them. My response to God’s Love is to Look. Yes this is action on my part. It is a loving response to God’s Love. This Looking leads to Trust. God still loves me. Oh how words feel all faltering right now. It’s okay though.

God bless,

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