The words to Majesty are the earworm of the week. A full week. Autumn gets me thinking about beauty, about life’s journey, about this blazing, amazing moment of richness, and depth that happens. About the JOURNEY of it all. How some years seem to fly right by without so much as a “nice to see you” or time to breathe. Here we are in November and it’s been one of those fly by years. I expect the next couple of years will be the same. Through it all there is the Majesty, Beauty, Depth of God right there, waiting for me to give in and just enjoy the depth. To give over and truly love and be loved. To trust that love and not rely so much on fleeting, ever changing, seasonal feelings. Feelings that are sometime hot and passionate, full of vibrantĀ color; sometimes cooler and barren feeling. (And to my friends who read this – I’m fine-just speaking from my heart.)
gazanias 003God’s Love, God’s Grace, God’s Passion it’s all the same thing. It’s a good thing. And diving into the depth can focus us in on things that make us uncomfortable personally (like areas of life that must grow or change to conform more clearly to God’s will) or give us insight into the reality of the person next to us, when we’re willing to look with the heart and not simply our eyes.

This is the time of year that I start reflecting…thinking…examining…perhaps because we have a series of beginnings from September through January. September always feels like the beginning of the new year because summer is over, school is beginning (even without kids there is that cycle of living), vacation season is over. January as it is our new year in calendar/year change and November because it is the month of my birth.
Loving autumn and spring has taught me so much. First…I’ve finally figured out what I can wear color wise. These seasons are ever changing from first hints of color to this dramatic, glorious crowning of the year with deep rich hues and tones. There is always something incredibly interesting to see, to take to heart. Faith wise the ever-changing-ness doesn’t mean an end, it means transitions happen. They just do. But it’s all part of the same.

2016 word of the yearI’m also thinking and reflecting on the word of the year JOURNEY. It’s been a good word. I’ll be reflecting on this word for a while yet. I do think that the word for next year is chosen already. In a weird way…I played on of those fb games and there’s just something about it that settled into my heart before I could finish reading it. I’m not so concerned about happiness as it is oft swiftly passing and fleet of foot. I do, however, like making good connections. And not necessarily ones for myself. It’s time to grow. It’s time to take what I know deep down and continue on this Journey. To look to this moment, and this future with hope. So Future is the maybe word for next year…I’m going to live with JOURNEY for a bit longer before officially choosing. Playing this same fb game a while later…I got Love…which is a GREAT word.
I’m off to the day job. There is much to be done.

May your day be blessed and holy. May you be drawn ever deeper into the fathomable and rich LOVE of God.

God bless,


One thought on “beauty

  1. even though my kids have flown the coop, the last one this past year, I still have a cal that runs aug to aug. it just feels right to begin things that way. it leaves the holidays free from calendar thoughts and updates.

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