2653So this is a dual post one where I caught myself getting annoyed with someone on more than one occasion. And STOPPED it cold. In both instances the person is new in their position and learning something that takes time. Customer Service in any way, shape, and form, takes time to learn. And on the part of the consumer some level of patience is required. I know for my part there was a level of stress because I hate being late, even when I can’t control it. On one end other staff members and customers are waiting for me and on the other my sweetie is making dinner and wanting to hold my hand. Being tired doesn’t help. Needing to sew and spend time doing something creative and not doing it is making me kinda cranky. Being mindful of my own personal stress is helping me deal with getting through these moments…to answer the call to patience, to be present to people in that moment.

JOURNEYThere is something about a Seth Godin Blog that just captures the attention and makes me think. This one had me thinking about so very much, particularly in my quilting life. It has me thinking about my own expectation and it has me thinking about how I teach my students. I’m not entitled to so many things in the quilting world. (this could have a great rephrase but I’m keeping my focus.) The less I think I should be able to do something the more I’ll be able to enjoy it.
This got me thinking about expectation:

What are my personal expectations? Are they reasonable?
Am I flexible?
Am I willing to grow?
Am I willing to let go of the expectations for something more?
How do I pursue the things that bring me life? And pursue making enough money to do the things that bring me life?

So I am pursuing the things that bring me life. I think more of what I want and need is to let go of certain expectations. I’m willing to do that. Letting go of expectations will allow me to enjoy this moment. Where I am now. And let go of some future expectations, for they are not in any way guaranteed. Things happen.
Letting go of expectations brings peace and joy.

The Joy of the Lord is our strength.
Worry about nothing, pray about everything and the peace of God will knock your socks off.

God bless!


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