Two songs, one heart

NYBG and home garden 040In the past day or so I’ve had dueling ear worms. “Break my heart for what breaks Yours” from (Hillsong) United’s Oceans and “the honest cries of a breaking heart” from Amy Grant’s Better than a Hallelujah. And then my sweetie’s line, “sometimes we’re the saint, sometimes we’re the saint maker”
It’s always easy to see when I’m becoming a saint, when the situations going on around me are out of control knowing that there is really nothing I can do to change peoples perceptions and that those perceptions…well make life difficult. Add to that, misconceptions and misunderstandings on my part and it makes a bad situation worse. Ugh. Great joy begets great joy. Great heartache often begets great heartache. And sin left unchecked begets greater sin. A repentant heart can sometimes bring great healing.
The hard part is, and it is hard to admit, my heart has been broken for so long that I’m not entirely certain that any of this can be fixed. I can only hope and pray that it can. I know deep down that I’ve wanted and needed more in my relationship with God and this has been the tugging at my heart. I need to show up and be there.

As a quilter one of my favorite tools is my seam ripper, it’s the eraser in the quilting world. Things can often be fixed, re-stitched and made better. Not perfect but better. Or maybe perfect. The seam ripper is my favorite tool in the sewing room not my only favorite but one of them for sure.

May your day be filled with grace and peace.

God bless!


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