From Ashes to Palms

1135I mentioned a few posts back that we “give up” the “A word” or “H word” as they are interchangeable. If you’re wondering what those are lean in I’ll whisper them (alleluia or hallelujah). Giggle. It’s not much longer and we’ll be singing Alleluia again.
At the Proclamation of the Gospel during Lent we say or sing “Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ, King of Endless Glory” or something similar. While it doesn’t seem like much of a change in what we are doing (praising God) it’s one that gives us pause to think about what we are doing and focus in on the words. We have to think about what we are saying. Lent is a time for thinking and pondering, examining and giving, focusing on God and our neighbor through an examination of conscious wondering how we can treat people more kindly and sometimes that starts with a treating of ourselves more kindly. Oh I can totally delve into a dissertation on better sleep, drinking water, blah, blah, blahblah, blah blah. Yah I know, life happens.
The pondering has continued over the last couple of days about being created in the image and likeness of God and how I need/want to be conformed to that by being open to how God is drawing me closer to him, by embracing the good and learning what that means in my life. This also means recognizing what’s not working for me – when I’m impatient, or overly snarky (which happens trust me on that one – these things just pop into my head wiggling around until they escape). I try oh I try to honor the “image and likeness of God” in others but sometimes it’s so hard! If I find it hard I can only imagine what it’s like to meet me sometimes.
The gift of Lent is that attitude of mindfulness of where we can spiff up that image so that we can see God more clearly and others can see God clearly in we treat them.

Gregory Case Photography, courtesy of Machine Quilting Unlimited
Gregory Case Photography, courtesy of Machine Quilting Unlimited

Our quilts, our quilt making is a work in progress. Each quilt builds on the next. Each quilt gives us invaluable experience. There are certainly times when we get to sing “Alleluia” at the top of our lungs and times when we experience deep angst over our quilts in some part of the process. There are times when “blue streak” comes to mind or the pain of a quilt made with such love and care is rejected by our intended recipient. There is the elation of entering competition and winning a ribbon for all of our hard work. And then there is the moment when the quilt whispers in the quiet come follow me on an incredible journey of growth and self-discovery. Saying in the stitches more than we can ever say ourselves.

God bless!



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