Martha’s Moments

Mountain Laurel BloomingToday’s Gospel reading – the resurrection of Lazarus. I heard something new this morning. Well not so much new but I heard something different this morning about a different type of death – despair. And from one of my very favorite Gospel people, Martha. To me she’s just real. I can identify with her in so many ways.

During Mass this morning I wrote:
Today’s Gospel is so very rich. Jesus Wept.  There is no clearer identifier of the Humanity of our Lord. His heart hurt for his very dear friend. I wondered if they were friends from childhood. You know the one who you can just pick up with as though no time has passed?
Then there’s Martha. She is one of my favorite people in the Gospel. Martha is very clearly Jesus’ friend. She trusted Jesus enough that she could speak her mind without fear of reprisal. She share her wounded, aching heart for the world and the Lord to see. The Lord responds to hear aching heart confirming her belief. Martha is open and ready for healing!

quilting Serendipity gone huge 081We can go to the Lord with our aching wounded hearts with confidence. We can bring to Jesus all of those things that are bothering us. That make us wonder if we’re doing the right thing. Is everything going to turn out alright? I need to go to God with my concerns. I need to rend my heart – open it up for God to see. I know, I know God sees anyway but I still have to be open to his leading. I have to be open to something different and something unusual. I have to trust.
Well, yes it is. It might not be what we would imagine but it will be fine. It doesn’t mean it won’t be difficult, however we have a great example of how to deal with all of this. We have great examples of how to deal with difficult times. We have a great example in Martha that it’s okay to despair, to open up our heart – to rend our heart and let the love of God pour through.
Lent is almost over. We’re almost there. We’re almost to the Resurrection! We can almost break out the “A” word again. Woohoo!

God bless!


7 thoughts on “Martha’s Moments

  1. Hi Terri, I want you to know that our new, group of 5 ,Holy Family Quilters ( & soon knitters), read aloud your writings each week. It is part of our Lenten prayer reflection. Blessing to you for sharing both your quilting & your Faith. Marion

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    1. it’s not so much a restriction as it is an entering fully into the season of Lent and setting aside the word Alleluia at the Proclamation of the Gospel. It is sung once again in all it’s full glory at the Easter Vigil.

  2. This was the gospel reading at Wayne’s funeral. I have been so blessed to have so many “Martha”s in my life.

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