Beginning Again

hyacinth 2014So yesterday was a bit of a challenge. I’m not sure why but I had the sense it would be in spite of the fact that I got the work done that I intended before I left. A little more in fact – pictures resized for a different blog post entirely.

The way to work was just weird. You might remember my Lenten Sacrifice. Well yesterday was just not my day. And there was nothing outrageous. But I could feel the aggravation on more than one occasion. Today I get to begin again.
it’s the same with quilting. Each quilt is a new beginning. The seam ripper makes new beginnings. We get to learn to be at peace with our quilts, our world and ourselves.
The hyacinth pictured is in my front yard. I love hyacinths and pansies and dogwoods and roses and allium oh my front garden is just glorious through the year. And today I celebrate the gift of the day….New Beginnings!

God bless!


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