rainy days and mondays 003Oh way back a long way back I remember listening to Bullfrogs and Butterflies. It’s so long ago it the music was on vinyl. Remember that? Vinyl was really cool having a sound that is just a wee bit scratchy and a little sensitive.
There is often a reason why memories surface now and again. They serve as reminders and can call us into deeper relationship with others and with God. If you’re not aware I live in the Big City and traffic can be well a bit challenging. Often (more often than I care to admit) bringing out language that well sailors and blue streaks come to mind. Alternately when I’m happy and being kind of goofy I make sound effects when I drive. All I can say is: ya gotta be there cause my passengers do laugh.
go mini or go home finished quilt topSometimes when I’m getting kinda cranky this song comes into my head. Even now as I type, “when Herbert was much younger he often got in trouble/forgetting he was a snail he did things on the double.” pops into my head at random moments. Sometimes, “have patience! have patience, don’t be in such a hurry, when you get impatient you only start to worry/ remember! remember! that God is patient too and think of all the times that others have to wait for you” When that ear worm slowly makes its way into my head I know I need to stop and listen.
Aw yes, patience that oft elusive, oft desired fruit of the Spirit. Don’t laugh but I once prayed for patience – God is still answering that one. The thing about patience is it needs to be exercised, the only way be patient is to be tossed right into a situation that drives us absolutely nutty or requires a certain level of care with an individual and/or over which you have no control. It’s important to develop an understanding of the possibility that there is something going on behind the scenes that might cause us to react differently if we knew the details. Truth be told the details aren’t important. People deserve our patience whether or not they deserve it.

Uh yes, I said that.  People deserve our patience whether or not they deserve it. That includes YOU. Yes we deserve our own patience. I’d like to say especially when we’re learning something new. No I’m saying especially when we’re learning something new.

Moon Over Manhattan for NQAI’m going to let you in on an industry secret: learning how to quilt is not easy. There is a multilevel learning curve and a lot of techniques need to be tried in order to find the type/style of quilting that fits you. Over the years I’ve tried hand and machine quilting; hand and machine and fused applique; binding by hand, machine & hand, machine; basting with pins and spray (my favorite so far is my friend Debby’s HandiQuilter Fusion24!). I’ve tried art quilting, modern quilting. There are techniques I want to try. There are techniques that just give me the creepy crawlies. Will I ever tell you what they are? No.
It can take, it should take time to find that part of quilting that you love. It takes time to develop and hone skills. It takes time and patience. Patience & time.

Have patience with yourself today!


3 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Very well said. I’ve been quilting for a little under 2 years now and it requires a lot of focus. Some things have come very easily to me, others make me cringe, but it is part of the process. I’ve had people ask me if we could get together for a few hours so I can teach them how to quilt. I dislike being the person that squashes their dreams by telling them “you are gonna need a bit more than a few hours dear”. Honestly though, quilting has thought me patience. There is no part of it I don’t love because every moment brings me something. As I wrote in one of my first posts (…

    “Deconstructed, quilting is a true meditation. The sensory experience as I choose the right fabrics, the precision I need to make the cuts, my steady hands that run those straight seams under the needle, the chanting of the machine guiding me like beating Taiko drums, the whimsy of my heart when I free-motion quilt the layers together, the patience I channel for the hand stitched bindings and the joy I feel from giving my hard work away to friends and family, leaving a part of myself with them always.”

    1. a very dear friend of mine taught kindergarten in the NYCity School System for years. For the children’s music class they would have to carry their chairs with them. She told them and showed them what they needed to do and they picked up their chairs and carried them to the auditorium. Many of the other teachers were amazed that her kids simply carried their chairs. My friend said quite plainly, “I didn’t tell them they couldn’t do it”. I’d encourage you to just start teaching. I think the best thing we do as quilters/teachers is give a sense that they can do it. One of my key phrases is: You are a smart, intelligent woman (most of my students are women), YOU Can Do this!”
      I love your comment Deconstructed, quilting is true meditation. That speaks to my heart.

      1. I feel I have so much to learn still that teaching is very nerve racking to me, but I guess through them I would learn even more. I will make some time. I just don’t want them to think they can make a quilt in 2 hours. LOL!

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