And on the 7th day

Genesis 2:2 On the seventh day God completed the work he had been doing; he rested on the seventh day from all the work he had undertaken.

garrison landing treeGod does not need to rest. God just is. Being a human I needed to rest. Between my part time job and things here at home I’m spent. not in a bad way. Just spent.  Then add several migraines this week and well. Add to that the fact that I am not a fan of winter and the mid-winter blahs have set in.
That said I did find a bit of inspiration on river filled with ice.


ice floeWest point from Garrison landingCold Spring iceThe Hudson is a tidal river and it seemed as though the tide was heading north. I don’t know how far north the river experiences the tide however the floes did seem to be going north. We stopped in both Garrison Landing and Cold Spring.
A day of rest was had.
How will this lead to quilting.
A well rested brain and body function more fully in the quilting studio. Which is undergoing a bit of a tidy up, sorting out and will be sharing with some of my quilting friends.
When your quilting batteries are low. Find some ways of recharging. Take a hint from God and rest.

God bless!


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