Sometimes my favorite word is “Recalculating”

bernina sampler for jeanne delpit“God writes straight with crooked lines” is a line from a friend. I’m not sure where he heard it however it doesn’t matter the source. It’s a reality I’ve lived my entire adult life. I remember praying once that I wanted to be a missionary but “God please don’t send me to New York”. Uhm, that’s like praying for patience.
In my car I have a navigator which is named Matilda and I also have a Garmin Nuvi named Josie. Matilda knows how to get me from here to there in the most direct route possible however if there’s traffic she doesn’t know how to navigate around it as she does not have a connection to the traffic feed. So Point A to Point B it is. That’s it. Josie does have a connection to the satellites and usually the traffic feed. Usually when the traffic is bad Josie will navigate me around it with ease. Sometimes not. One night traffic was so bad in our area that she kept me on the usual path home because it was the best way. That said I eventually turned her off because the incessant “recalculating” as I made my way over to one of the gas stations was making me crazy.
There are times when I won’t “listen” to where Josie is telling me to go and get myself caught in traffic. Bang.Head.Here. If you know me I hate being late. 10 to 20 minutes early is on-time in my way of thinking. Sometimes Josie is wrong and there is no traffic ahead so it works to my advantage to Not listen to her. In those moments “recalculating” becomes the word of the moment as I drive right into what Josie is seeing as traffic.

Serendipity the 3rd time aroundWith both quilts I’m showing here I didn’t have any kind of plan going in. Both quilts had a purpose – showing a variety of stitches and skill level. These are pieces where I’ve clearly chosen a new direction in quilting. I’m still not quite sure where all of this is leading. Many times over the last 7 years “recalculating” and “God writes straight with crooked lines” simmered to the surface of my consciousness like an annoying and yet comforting earworm. I’m not entirely certain where I’m going but I’m sure happy that I’m on the journey, that recalculating and that God writes straight with crooked lines are viable options in life.
It’s the same way in quilting. I think part of the trouble, no I know that part of the trouble is that there are so man options! Our brains start “recalculating” before we’ve made decisions. It’s almost overwhelming. It is overwhelming. Sigh. I sometimes wish every decision regarding quilting would be easy. I guess for now I’m going to listen to the recalculating options and know that whatever I choose will be just fine. Afterall,

God writes straight with Crooked Lines,


5 thoughts on “Sometimes my favorite word is “Recalculating”

      1. Just amazing! I went on your FB page and showed my husband your silks… He was floored! My husband is building me a new table so I can start practicing for real. My mother-in-law says I have a talent for it, I can’t wait to get started! 🙂

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