Bacon is beautiful

The bacon is cooked, delightfully crispy, has that bacony smell, and I’m about to make egg sandwiches for us before heading off to do the this and that about the day. I nearly titled this “bacon is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.” And while that holds within itself some deep and mystical truth it’s not quite the point of this post and I’m writing this to help myself gather the words to describe something really beautiful.

Through the window morning golden hour bathes a field shrouded in just enough fog to give an ethereal quality. Morning golden hour on top of fog, wow. Wow. WOW. Just wow. The sublime beauty of this fog filled golden hour captured my attention just enough to keep me looking as I took step after step on the elliptical. In my head I started writing, always a lovely experience. I’d love to remember the words flowing in my head that morning. Reminders. This reminded me of praying with someone dear to my heart through that hour leading to their physical death.
Reminders. I’m reminded of one of the ministry leaders sharing an image of following Jesus that has stuck with me through the years: all around is shrouded and we look for His heel for it is what we can see. We follow Him, keep focused on where he’s leading by following His heel as He leads. That is trust.

Alt Title: On being an Eclectic Squirrel

How does one explain random thoughts that demand full attention, seem out of somewhere and make you go huh because they’re all in the same random string of thoughts?

Up first: I (we) have no idea how to follow in part because of our ego and in part because we’re taught that everyone is a leader.

Next: Mother Teresa lived a prophetic life.

And then: God calls us each uniquely and we’re trying to find the sameness.

One more: nasal saline solution hydrates, particularly at this time of year and prevents sinus headaches.

My tagline on TerifiCreations was “Quilting is a beautiful and complicated art” it is and I need to quilt

Let people in when you’re in the midst of suffering and challenges in life, people want to share with you. Yes they are, in the love for you, going to say things which appear to be dumb and selfish, yet they are letting you know they identify with you.

I love teaching free-motion machine quilting and I want to do more of this. This has a lot to do with another random thought: in free-motion quilting I teach for beginners and do my own work.

It is painful when I can’t quilt and this usually happens when something painful is happening in life. Some people can push through this, I am still learning how to make this happen.

There is something happening in my day to day life which has stilled the quilting. Yes it is painful. Yes I want to quilt.

I do ask for your prayers for this situation and for me. I have a quilt I want to finish before the end of the year and two classes I want to film. Yes I am still working on that. Yes I want to do it. See above two notes.

Also I’m keenly aware that there is a Spiritual/Faith component to this and I get it. I’m trusting this to Our Lord and praying through it.

I love the moon. The other night as we drove home the moon was a waning sliver and yet so big and large in the night sky. The angle gave me an idea for how to do this quilt I’m working on.

I’m praying for and with you friends!


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