In Some Ways

I am often surprised how these posts take shape and how long they take to write. First please permit me to share the Hallow App:
I shared way back that Jen Fulwiler and a local friend introduced me to the app, offering a free trial. This has helped me hone my prayer life in some dynamic ways, part of which I’ll share a little further in this post.

Here’s a titled post that I have no recollection of the theme of the day. In some ways it’s weird when this happens, and in others not so much. As I age in this part of life it is really interesting to know that what was once in my head with easy recall is no longer easily recallable, that snap, crackle and pop are a consistent part of my day, that sometimes things will happen to my person and I have no idea how or when it happened. Then there are random things like this odd pain at the top of my foot, at first I thought that the muscle spasms in my foot were the cause now I”m not so sure. Eh whatever, it’ll go away.

Soon our Women’s Book Study begins reading The Lamb’s Supper The Mass as Heaven on Earth by Scott Hahn. I read this when it was still hot off the press in 1999. This is rich and deep, makes connections between the old and the new Testaments and deep dives into the Apocalypse (Revelation).

About three is months ago Hallow released a 29 day challenge with Fr. Timothy Gallagher on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. I joined the challenge to see where it went and how God called. I prayed through a second time and was halfway through a third when, after talking to my Spiritual Director I bought and have started The Ignatian Adventure Experiencing the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius in Daily Life by Kevin O’Brien, SJ (Loyola Press). Early on in my developing prayer I practiced some form of Lectio Divina, reading and reflecting on the Scripture really loving that deep prayer/faith connection. As someone with journal keeping as a hard bent this style of prayer is right up my tree. For sometime now I’ve yearned for something in my prayer life, and uncertainty

This particular adventure came up in Spiritual Direction a couple of weeks ago and when Father said we can make this the focus of the first part of Spiritual Direction I’m all in. Note: If you haven’t yet discovered Half Price Books let me make the introduction. Friend this is Half Price Books, Half Price Books this is my friend. Browse at your leisure and enjoy each others company. Finding random books is always a fascinating adventure. My ONLY thing that’s a little weird is that sometimes in the used books they are underlined and written in. Yes I do this too, and it does make it difficult to focus on the authors words with the notes saying how important one particular thing is. Also I’ve stopped writing in my own books and the thing that stopped that me cold, was allowing someone to underline and make notes in one of my books. If they’re going to underline in a book I loan them they may keep it. Personally it’s either texting a friend or writing in a journal.

Quilting right now is limited, not for lack of desire. It’s a little bit of, well a lot of stress. Yes friends sometimes I’m a bit of a delicate flower. After a conversation with someone incredibly dear to my heart and my spiritual director my head is in a better place. The quilting will come. I have ideas. The quilting will come. The quilting will come. So I’m also asking for prayer as I begin the Spiritual Exercises and for a special intention. I’m praying for/with you friends.

May the Lord give you the gift of His Peace,


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