The other day

I’ve shared how much I love orange.

Orange is such a lovely bright color in the spring and deep and more red in the summer and autumn. It is the color of sunsets and sunrises and fire and heat and demands our attention. It is the color of peaches and other stone fruit. Its bright in spring and deep in autumn. While driving I saw an orange car, just the perfect orange for a car too. Not too brown, not too bright, and not school bus orange, simply a good orange for a car. Orange is one of many colors, shades, tones, hues, tints and whatever other words we use to describe color, that God offers us to relate to Himself and draw our souls deeper into His Life.

Sometimes this conversation is all practical, and somedays it is entirely esoteric and creative and beyond my wildest dreams. Sometimes the conversation is a bit weird, and sometimes it flows with great ease of understanding. Just the other day while pressing fabric for an upcoming quilt, wishing in one moment that I’d purchased a bit of extra yardage an image of a finished quilt, much different than my original plan came into my mind. This makes better use of the yardage I have and gives me as much room to enter into the creativity of making.


How has Jesus loved you this week?

Well oddly enough He’s allowing me to die to myself a little bit. There is a need to find the right words to say. And I need to trust the Holy Spirit in this. I’m also needing a little time to let go of some of the initial reaction. Ooof.

Also I’m digging into the Spiritual Exercises again on Hallow. I’m rarely a go back and do again with things like this. I could and probably will dig into the Spiritual Exercises once I journey through this again. There is something about begin taught the basics in this kind of way that is both educational and personal that is inviting. This kind of thing is precisely why I love teaching the way I do. Fr Gallagher is teaching process, I teach process. It’s not alway easy teaching process because at a certain moment the student needs to trust themselves enough to do it on their own. In the Spiritual Exercises there is need on my part for a little bit more information which I’ll bring up with my Spiritual Director in the next month or so.

I’m also getting ready to read The Lamb’s Supper with our parish. More on that in the fall.

I would greatly appreciate your prayerful support for a couple of intentions. One is for a good trip to Salt Lake City. The other I’ll hold onto for the moment. Please know that I pray for you.

God bless!


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