How to “Just one More” your way through the day

Our Lady of Hot Messes
Getting Real with God in Dive Bars and Confessionals
Leticia Ochoa Adams
Ave Maria Press
160 Pages

I am so ready to meet Our Lady of Hot Messes. If there is a Must Read of 2022 this would be it. “I still make mistakes,” she says, “but I’m trying not to live as a hot mess even when things around me are messy. ” – Leticia O. Adams

I’m ready to meet Our Lady of Hot Messes because we are living in a Hot Mess right now collectively, and many of us personally for whatever reason. Having spent time reading and sitting with Leticia’s writing, and hearing her story in person I know she’s real, a hot mess, and trying to live life within the Love of God, which is not easy. I preordered the book and hope to have a couple of days to read when it comes. Click Ave Maria Press for a link to preorder the book.


I recently wrote to a friend: “As I worked through Hallow this morning I had the distinct realization that health, both physical and spiritual, is part of the journey in our walk with Our Lord, They, like the roots, are intertwined in a way such that they are part of the same plant. We often see them as separate because of both the age we live in and the after affects of the fall. As we care for one, we care for the other. As we neglect one, we, in some way, neglect the other. When we water, feed, nurture, comb the roots (confession) we set aside those things that are detrimental to our health and take on those things that are better for us. Prayer, healthy food, spiritual reading and conversation, sacrifice, praise offering, exercise are all part of this, this conversation of life.”

This, in so many ways, feels like a “duh” moment and yet, sometimes things get in the way, obscure my vision, block my heart, disengage some of the thought processes in taking care of my body in the same way I’m taking care of my soul. So while it feels like a “duh” moment it’s more of an “aha!” moment. Taking care of my body as though it is a temple of the Holy Spirit. As I sit here sipping water, knowing I need to increase consumption over the next few weeks as both the temperature rises and I continue on something of a physical and spiritual improved health journey. In one way I’m trying to prevent the need for medication. Yes, there is better living through chemistry, I get it and I’m really grateful to still have a few friends and relatives on this side of the veil as a direct result. And there is also better living through taking care of my body drinking plenty of water, brushing my teeth regularly (don’t ask), exercising, sleeping.

It’s easy sometimes to do one more thing before going to bed, or one more thing before going over to the gym, or one more thing before grabbing that glass of water, or one more thing before committing to journaling and prayer. Just one more stitch, just one more chip, just one more __________________. Anything (almost) rather than the task at hand. And let’s talk interruptions.. Some interruptions are good and give us a much needed break and refocus our mind and heart. Sometimes interruptions are demands on our time that can wait.

In the beginning I mentioned working my way through the Hallow app. Over several weeks Fr Gallagher working through The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius for 28 days. Like so many books in the last few years, when this finished I found myself longing for more. I’ve prayed Lectio Divina on/off for years. The Spiritual Exercises are a bit different and are speaking deeply to my soul. So I think it’s time for a bit of a change in how I pray and before I make this change I’m going to have a chat with my Spiritual Director. Which at this time means a bit of a wait, however I am going to repeat the 28 days on Hallow.

And right now, I’m going to quilt. And then shoot some video. And quilt some more!

Happy Quilting,


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