Morning Reading

I had a terrible thing happen over the last two days. I FINISHED two books. Finishing a book is a terrible thing indeed. It’s almost as though this new friend has stopped walking and talking with you. This all happened just before the sunrise this morning. How ever will I continue on with this day, I don’t even know. What do I read next? There are a few other in progress books that will take their place on this morning sunrise reading time.

This mornings sunrise. Oh how I wish I had the wherewithal to share with you the depth and beauty of it. If you’ve ever been in Texas, or in any non-mountainous and non-urban area you know the sky is big. No matter where you are the sky is big however there is a lot less obscuring the aforementioned sky, so it seems bigger. Also there are times when the moon is so huge that, well, that’s a conversation for another day. Back to the sunrise. For the first morning that I’ve gone outside there were no clouds in the sky. As I scanned the horizon a sense of disappointment nearly settled in, how beautiful would this really be, I mean, nothing for the light to bounce from and reveal the beauty of morning.

Let’s add that it was 46 degrees this morning. So add the crispness of autumn to this moment.

I set the phone down, wrapped the blanket around my legs a bit more, and watched with a somewhat prayerful mind the beauty of the dawn. Thoughts swirled through as I thought about how God speaks to us still, revealing Himself through beauty, and the extension of grace, the touch of another human being. That, when we actively participate and engage our mind and will and heart, just like the light breaking forth in the eastern sky, our knowledge, understanding, longing for God, for Love, for Truth, for Beauty is illumined.

Breathtaking describes this moment well. The earth rotating on its axis revealing the ever present, sometimes hidden, light of the sun. The light shifting ever so subtly, the deepest of blues giving way to the brighter blues of the day. This delightfully quiet moment, with books closed, phone down, thoughts somewhat ordered toward the Creator offered a moment of that the heart and mind long for, need.

St. Teresa of Avila and Jen Fulwiler will become the morning companions along with St. Francis de Sales. St. Teresa is a bit more of a difficult read, and Jen has so much wisdom to offer.

God bless,


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