Writing While Annoyed

Sometimes I write while annoyed, frustrated, concerned, desiring to change the hearts and minds of those who annoyed me off enough to write whatever words currently flowing from brain to fingers. Because we all know I am practically perfect in every way. I started a post the other day that I *may* finish, however for the moment I am pushing pause until I can write it without being annoyed.

This piece is about 10” square

And this morning while having coffee on the porch Fr. Joe’s #talkedtotheboss popped up in my feed like a beautiful love note from God. Any invitation to extend grace and mercy is an invitation I desire to accept, and extend to others. God has a beautiful way of showing me where grace and mercy need to be extended. My brain is showing me where I didn’t do such a great job extending mercy and grace. Fr. Joe’s sister takes the images Fr. Joe uses for the Talked to the Boss posts, and this one is a long view, wide angle – reminding me to pull back and look at the bigger picture. While it’s not exactly the one God sees it is just the reminder that needed to shift my focus from the macro to the panoramic view.

When I was a teenager I prayed for patience which is in part extending that grace and mercy. Practicing patience is hard because in the greater sense it is a setting aside of my will, what I think will be best, stepping back and giving space for others to be who they are rather than the impatience of correcting, chiding, demanding more.

Even when I demand more from myself, demanding the same from others is demeaning and potentially demoralizing in ways I can imagine. Jesus in speaking with the Samaritan woman keeps giving her sips of water until she is ready to drink fully from the Well of Life. He knew the way to her heart, returning to her the dignity of her womanhood, calling her to more. There were precious few that Jesus turned the tables on, or called out for being broods of vipers, arrogant and pride-filled.

So I will at some point revisit the idea of time. For right now, I need to go do something to hone my skills as a quilt maker and love Jesus through the gift of quilting.

Happy Quilting!


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