On a Desire to Hold Hands

1992 a good year indeed.

After Confirmation and First Eucharist my Sweetie and I started talking about the when and how of getting married. In my family there were three weddings in less than six months, and one of my besties married that year.

Celebrating Twenty-seven years with this guy in September

Twenty-seven years. Sometimes I marvel at this. Somethings are what I envisioned, some are not. Somethings have been challenging at best for us. Undoubtedly you’ve had the same experiences, well not the same but you get the drift. One of the things I’d always hoped for is that when we got here to this moment in our life that we would still like each other and enjoy spending time in each other’s company. And we do. We still like each other, a lot.

I’ve been a quilter nearly as long as it is that Sweet guy mentioned I needed a hobby. Best thing ever. He’s walked with me through this journey, supporting me in those moments when the overwhelm of learning how to paper piece, machine quilt, writing articles. He’s the one who made sure that going to the events like Quilt Market happened when I doubted that going was possible.

He’s there when I call at the end of the day and listens about my travels and misses me. I miss him. Hotel rooms are productive and lonely places to get work done and miss him. I’m not complaining about the work, I promise. I love the work. And would have him come with me if at all possible. He’s a great driver, reads a lot, and has a lot to say.

Just like learning how to quilt we’ve invested time, energy and interest. We go to the drive-in when we can and watch weird movies til the end and ask each other why we watched that movie. Seriously. He cooks. Oh friends he loves to cook, for me. He grocery shops for food. When I’m freaked out or being a snot he’s right there. Willing to hold my hand. And that dear ones is sweet, and holy, and the best thing ever.

This wanting to hold his hand at the end of the day and talk to him makes my heart go pitter-pat. I love the feel of his hand in mine.

Over the last little while I’ve been reminded that relationships like quilting require time and effort. Further, I’ve been reminded that they require sacrifice from each one in the couple. When I look at my Sweetie I see thirty years of friendship and love and being there for each other. Going on walks in the rain and shoveling snow and other stuff. He’s been there

Just like we invest time in improving our quilting skills through the doing of the new things we invest time in our relationships by the doing of things together. But it’s more than the doing of things together where we make investments in our relationship. It’s in the moments when we’re patient and don’t necessarily want to be. It’s in the moments when things are downright rough and we work through things together. It’s in the moments when we set aside our own wants and desires for our spouse. It’s in the moments when they set aside our wants and desires for us. It’s in the moments that aren’t all warm and fuzzy where the love exists deeply. It’s more than doing things for one another.

We patchwork our lives together. We make it pretty with the decorative touches just like we add beauty and depth to our quilts with the, well, quilting and thread.

May your quilting add beauty to your daily life and may your daily life add beauty to your quilting.

God bless,


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