A Longing Heart

Usually around this time of year I spend time reflecting on and in gratitude for the Rite of Christian Initiation process and my coming home to the Church. I’m reminded of Brene Brown’s comment that we are hardwired for struggle. That year in RCIA was a struggle that’s for sure, and the months leading up to the moment when I knew I’d come home to the church were a struggle.


In having convos with friends we’ve all been longing for a little less struggle in our lives. I’ve noticed this as a recurring theme, a little less struggle. Driving around and all over New York state I’ve had a lot of time to think and pray. One of my favorite scriptures after Easter is the road to Emmaus. The disciples knew Jesus in the breaking of the Bread. The current rental has Sirius XM and I’ve been listening to Catholic radio on the long drives. This particular passage is a favorite of Fr. Dave from the Busted Halo show. Listening to him explain the deep meaning the other day was amazing. There is so much richness and symbolism in this passage. And in this my eternal Gratitude to the Holy Spirit for opening my heart and eyes to the Truth of the Bread of Life, and the struggle that led to this opening. Like the disciples on the Road to Emmaus, it was in the breaking of the Bread.


I’m experiencing a moment of great Grace right now. It’s sweet. Like getting in the quilting zone where it’s sweet and free. God has shown me something deeper in the woman and quilter that I am, that I’m called to be. Just like in the struggle of learning and growing in quilt making, the hours and hours of stitching eventually produce better stitching, a better understanding of how things work together I am seeing some beauty from the struggle in another area of life.

So many of us long to be better quilters. So many of us long to be better at this or that or faith and in holiness. This longing is good and is a gift from God. And it takes both work, and acquiescence. I can see how letting go, how an act of forgiveness led to this moment. Just like I can see how the willingness to use a seam ripper can lead to great beauty in our work.

Pray for me quilters, I pray for you as the miles fly by. And by fly I mean at a reasonable speed.

God bless!

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