Oh my Soul

This is the winter that never ends.
It goes on and on my friends.
It started snowing on a Friday afternoon
We think it may stop sometime in June
This is the winter that never ends
sung to “This is the Song That Never Ends” inspired by this seemingly never ending            winter and The Rotten Poet

Toward the end of yet another gray, rainy day the sun shined bathing the front yard with golden light reminding us it’s still in the sky giving off warmth and light, although obscured. It does feel like winter will never end. Winter is over. Spring is here, as evidenced by the daffodil and hyacinths in the front yard. I was hoping the dogwood would bloom this week.

Spring and Autumn are the seasons that excite the senses deeply offering much inspiration from an ever obviously changing landscape, to the riot of color. Spring is the time of new growth, fall the time of oncoming rest. Spring colors are generally softer, autumn richer and deeper.

Stepping into the sewing room to quilt, to listen to the hum of the machine to think about all the things. Things like: “hey this machine needs a good cleaning and oiling” or “talking to my friend for nearly an hour was a really good thing!” or “oooh I feel like a bulb”. Wait! What? Yep. I feel like a bulb. Not a light bulb, but a hyacinth, tulip, or daffodil. Bulbs are planted in autumn, laying seemingly dormant until spring when the first leafy shoots push through the soil revealing the work and growth happening beneath the surface. The work beneath the soil happens, even though we can’t see it, we see the results.

Oh my soul rejoice in the work happening beneath the surface.

As I stitched on A New Moon Rises something is weird. Like it is the wrong project to work on now. I don’t think it’s time to move on from the moon as my muse – her beauty remains. It’s time to take a break, let her speak deeply, differently. This piece will be set aside as I work on another quilt that I just figured out the piecing, now to figure out the pattern and the math. I may try to pattern it when I get finished because it might be very cool. Okay it will be cool.

And then there’s this from Word on Fire Two Healings, one Bridge by Elizabeth Scalia, The Anchoress.

These things seem, and feel somewhat disjointed, alas they are not. A couple of weeks ago I heard O My Soul anew, singing and dancing as it played. Allowing the Love of the Lord to wash over me. Let the healing begin.

Spring and autumn sing to my soul, breathing life, renewing, completing, speaking to the Creative side of me. The one that needs renewing, and feeding, care and attention.

A New Moon Rises is priming the pump for that renewal, that healing, that re-energizing moment where I remember that I am loved.

Two Healings, one Bridge reminds me of the courage of those in need of healing, those who take risks, and that God is ready to heal and call us deeper into His work.

Each one of these have an impact on where I am as a quilter. I am still  in need of day job and ask you to keep that in prayer with and for me. I know the right job is out there I need to be open, and at peace with whatever this is.

May each stitch you take bring you closer to God,


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