Control—that ever-elusive dream. We all crave it, and yet our faith reminds us that we’re never really in control. We may try to convince ourselves otherwise, but usually we find out the hard way that even our best attempts to steer every last detail of our lives won’t give us what we’re seeking. So part of our effort to break free of the dieting delusion, the mistaken belief that we can manipulate our future—or our present—by how much or how little we eat, is learning to let go of those false images, misguided dreams, and impossible goals, and to put ourselves in God’s hands. Knowing what we need to do, however, doesn’t make it easy. We still manage to mire ourselves in self-doubt and harsh judgment.

Poust, Mary DeTurris. Cravings: A Catholic Wrestles with Food, Self-Image, and God (p. 21). Ave Maria Press. Kindle Edition.

So much about quilting is about success in controlling each component from choosing the perfect fabrics, cutting with great precision, picking just the perfect thread for piecing, and for quilting. Let’s not forget the perfect batting. It’s gotta be the perfect batting. Every stitch, oh you know, perfect, taken with great control and precision.

Over time, with practice, and intention we improve our skill. We gain control. But stuff still happens. Our hands wobble or slide when we’re cutting. We get distracted as we’re stitching and our seams aren’t quite straight, too big, or too small. We stitch and rip, stitch and rip seeking perfection.

Because we work less than 7 inches from each stitch we take we see every. single. mistake. What we don’t see is how these things add to the character of the quilt. Our quilts, our lives don’t need to be perfect.

When I read the paragraph in Cravings the connection between fear, control, gratitude and peace became clearer. By beginning the day, prayer, events, teaching, blogging with gratitude for whatever is going on in this moment the sense of peace deepens. Or more to the point I’m choosing to actively pursue peace. To quote my sweetie,

“the peace of Jesus will knock your socks off!”

and I love being without shoes and socks.

color wheel impractical

So in 2018 seeking peace and contentment, and giving into gratitude for where I am in this moment. Exploring quilting. Trying to find that place that fits and yet being grateful, content, at peace with where I am, in this moment.

With certainty I’m enjoying, and at peace with quilting.

God bless!


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