Happy Wednesday! It is good to be here in 2018. It’s a good time to be a quilter. It’s a good time to be discovering something so hang with me here…

So often we look in the mirror as if through a glass darkly, seeing not what God has created but what we have created in our own minds, our own hearts. We pray today for the grace and the wisdom to look beyond the surface, to see into our own souls and recognize the hand of God at work there. We are wonderfully made, known and loved by our Creator before we ever drew breath.

Poust, Mary DeTurris. Cravings: A Catholic Wrestles with Food, Self-Image, and God (p. 18). Ave Maria Press. Kindle Edition.

I’m joining in on Mary deTurris Pousts Cravings journey once again, it was good to do this in 2017 as 2016 was so incredibly pleasant and the reminders of God’s love were so important in those moments. 2017 though while having some troubles of it’s own the quote above describes something of a shift in my relationship with God, and as a result with my own work as a quilter. As the work of quilting progresses the unintentional prayer time happens. When the unintentional prayer time happens there is a peace that happens. So even though life is what it is at the moment, God is allowing me to see somethings that otherwise I wouldn’t have. It is good to be here.

This has been the morning of realizations – good ones.
Over the last couple of years in reading the Ragamuffin Gospel, and Cravings I’ve been reminded that God loves me just as I am. This is a good reminder, one that is oft needed.

Peeling back the layers of my heart, untangling some intense stuff is good because what it’s revealed is really fascinating. And it is a gift.

This has led to quilting for real again.


Which has led to a need to reorganize my thread drawers. Sorting by color rather than fiber and weight.

Which has also led to an understanding (hopefully) of how I use color, and thread. Weird right, not so much. Seriously.

impractical color wheel complete

Which has led to…a renewed passion and deeper appreciation for the gift of quilting and the complex beauty inherent in this Craft. I long to hone my skills as a teacher through a better understanding of How I quilt. So as I go along creating these color wheels, resorting the thread drawers, tidying the sewing studio, some writing is happening.

I see how God feeds my soul with fabric, thread, prayer, and reading.

I’m off to read Psalm 139 before heading to quilt.

God bless,





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